Georgian antiseptic-disinfectant liquid Nargosept consists of iron hydrophosphate. Nargosept is characterized by anti- bactericidal, anti-fungicidal and anti-virus nature

According to an official study, Nargosept destroys the viruses as Influenza virus, West Nile fever virus, Coxsackie B-3, Hepatitis A.

Microbes: Black Plague, Pseudotuberculosis, Intestinal Yersiniosis, Salmonella, Intestinal Sticks, Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrions, Dysentery , etc.

Disinfectant-antiseptic solution "Nargosept" is safe for health!

Nargosept is included in the recommended list of disinfection liquids By the order of the Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia # 275/N.  See information:

It is:

  • environmentally friendly


  • Not toxic


  • Does not irritate skin


  • Not-Inflammable


Major Component: Iron Hydrophosphate

Term of use: 2 years.

Storage: The drug is stored at room temperature.

Safety: If accidently contacted with eye, immediately rinse eyes with running water.

Recommendation: How to protect our living or working space from viruses and bacteria?


Use 1% liquid of Nargosept daily and wet clean (with a cloth soaked in the liquid) the entrance and interior floors, door handles, working surfaces and thoroughly clean the foot carpet at entrance doors.

Also, treat any surfaces, utensils, work or kitchen utensils wet cleaning indoor or outdoor spaces (with a cloth soaked in a liquid).

Clean all products or items from outside coming into your space with Nargosept!


For hand disinfection, use 0.5% liquid of Nargosept, which is prepared using: half of 1% solution of Nargosept is mixed with the same amount of drinking water in a ratio of 50/50.

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