Georgian antiseptic-disinfectant liquid"Nargosept" consists of iron hydro-phosphate as a major component.

Nargosept is used against respiratory, infection and epidemic deceases and kills bacteria and viruses.

Nargosept disinfects public places (schools, kindergartens, vehicles, enterprises, markets, etc.) as well as rooms, tables, working tools and hands.

It is used for the prevention of infection and is used to clean and disinfect various surfaces, tools, inventory, various industrial products.

Nargosept is an environmentally friendly, ecological product; it is not toxic, it can be used at home or in working areas as well by spraying or cleaning objects (it does not leave traces or spots on processed objects).

The liquid can be used to disinfect dishes, fruits and vegetables.

Nargosept is characterized by bactericidal, fungicidal and viral-cider. See virological examination

Nargosept is included in the recommended list of disinfection liquids By the order of the Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia #275/N.

              State Registration Number MST 15420044-001-2004

+995 599 88 39 80

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